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T2D2 is a private venture backed proptech SaaS startup. Scroll down to learn more.

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Introducing T2D2

T2D2 builds and hosts digital twins of our client properties along with a Condition Assessment Dashboard that is updated on a recurring basis through a subscription model. This unique dashboard including 100s of images of geo-tagged damaged conditions and rank ordered by severity, gives the client a detailed picture of where to focus preventive maintenance efforts to avoid higher downstream repair costs as well as potential safety issues. Through partnerships with drone companies and architecture/engineering firms, T2D2 provides an end-to-end solution at a fraction of the cost and with significant time savings relative to legacy approaches.

Industry Partners

Thornton Tomasetti

T2D2 enjoys a global geographic footprint through a partnership with Thornton Tomasetti, a world-class engineering and design firm that has served market sectors worldwide for
more than 70 years, The platform’s superpowered algorithms were trained on Thornton Tomasetti’s massive multiyear forensics database. And the firm’s Renewal practice continues to provide comprehensive engineering expertise and support to T2D2.

Helios Visions

T2D2 has joined forces with Helios Visions, an industry-leading aerial data collection company that is specially certified to fly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in select urban markets. The Chicago-based firm has unique drone clearances related to building height, time of use and areas of operation.

Helios Visions specializes in automated, repeatable aerial data collection using drone technology, which helps clients gain access to real-time jobsite insights. This in-depth understanding helps clients make data-driven decisions that reduce costs and simplify project planning and management.

Helios Visions helps scope out work sites from every angle using state-of-the-art drone mapping services, and delivers near-real-time data at a fraction of the cost of conventional surveying methods.

Together, T2D2 and Helios Visions provide a robust end-to-end solution for condition assessment, delivering improved efficiency, minimized risk and decreased delays – all powered by the latest in drone technology.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet the leadership for a talented team of data scientists, software developers, structural engineers and more.


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DOB Drone Study

NYC DOB Releases Study on Drones for Facade Inspection

The Department of Buildings announced today the release of a new comprehensive report on the potential use of unmanned aircraft systems in New York City to aid in safety inspections of our City’s built environment. This agency report provides a deep dive into the regulatory landscape affecting drone use in New York City, the use of drones in other jurisdictions, and how drones could potentially be used for building façade inspections within the five boroughs.

NYC DOB establishes the acceptable use of artificial intelligence in detecting façade defects

In 2020 the Department of Buildings launched the Hack the Building Code Innovation Challenge competition. The competition sought ideas for modernizing the construction process by improving buildings and keeping construction workers and the public safe. The Department’s website provides a list of the winning technologies. One of the competition’s winning technologies is the use of artificial intelligence in detecting façade defects and deterioration.

Drones in Construction and Maintenance: AI-Powered T2D2

In the past decade drones have now become commonplace on jobsites.  There are many use cases for drones, and they are prevalent during each phase of a project.  During this call we’ll hear from leaders at Thornton Tomasetti and their accelerator TTWiiN II and learn about their own in-house AI powered, drone-focused solution, T2D2.

Drones For Façade Inspections

In late 2019, Erica Tishman, a New York City architect, died as a result of being struck by a piece of falling façade from a 105-year-old high-rise building in Manhattan. This tragic incident resulted in a renewed focus on building façade inspection and safety protocols. Many large cities with a large stock of older high-rise buildings, including New York City, already have façade ordinances and other regulations that mandate inspections at frequent intervals to identify and remedy damage conditions such as loose or failing façade elements.

Thornton Tomasetti Launches T2d2, AI Solution Company

Thornton Tomasetti announced the launch of T2D2, a software as a service (SaaS) platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) – computer vision powered by deep learning – to identify and assess damage and deterioration to building envelopes and structures through images.

Thornton Tomasetti pushing AI to new heights

Thornton Tomasetti has launched a new spy-in-the-sky technology that makes building façade inspection faster, easier and cheaper. Called T2D2, the system is carried on a drone and powered by artificial intelligence that “learns” what a building looks like and sounds the alarm when its sees something that could pose a danger.

AI-based Visual Analysis Tool for Facade Inspection

The challenges of maintaining facades often come down to a matter of time, cost and effort. Regular inspections are time-consuming, with professional engineers having to review photographs or perform in-person inspections before they can render judgment. But what if some of the process could be automated, allowing for better warning of decaying facades? That was the hypothesis of Badri Hiriyur, director of Thornton Tomasetti’s CORE.AI lab and the inventor of T2D2