Continuous AI-Driven Monitoring to Fix Little Problems before They Turn into Big Headaches

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What Is T2D2?

T2D2 is a self-learning software platform that detects and classifies visible damage to structures and materials. T2D2 applies the latest advances in AI – specifically, deep learning for computer vision – to detect and localize damage by analyzing inspection images.


01 Image & Video Acquisition

T2D2 enables easy collection of images and videos using your mobile device, camera, drones, and more.


02 Classification Filter

T2D2 identifies structural and nonstructural elements, determines the structural proximity and classifies all materials.


03 Damage Detection

T2D2 automatically processes images and videos to detect visible damage and defects – such as cracks, spalls, corrosion, and more.

04 Assessment Reporting

T2D2 generates an assessment report that includes a summary of all the damage found and provides images with annotations.

What Sets T2D2 Apart?

T2D2 is faster, more cost-effective and more convenient than conventional assessment methods. It performs high-quality assessments for less than half the cost of, and in a fraction of the time it takes to perform hands-on inspections. And it significantly reduces the risk of injuries from working on scaffolding.

T2D2 enjoys a global geographic footprint through a partnership with Thornton Tomasetti, a world-class engineering and design firm that has served market sectors worldwide for more than 70 years,
The platform’s superpowered algorithms were trained on Thornton Tomasetti’s massive multiyear forensics database. And the firm’s Renewal practice continues to provide comprehensive engineering expertise and support to T2D2.

Powered by State-of-the-Art Computer Vision Models

Trained on Carefully Curated and Annotated Data Sets

Expert Reviews of Automated Detection for Reliable Insights

Who We Help

T2D2 can simplify material condition assessment in a variety of market sectors – including yours:
Commercial • Higher Education • Bridges • Tunnels • Dams • Buildings • Concrete Water-Cooling Structures • Infrastructure • Nuclear • Oil & Gas




Oil & Gas



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Here's How

T2D2 brings you a unique new alternative to conventional methods of building-envelope condition assessment, using an AI-powered system to conduct assessments faster and more economically than ever before. T2D2 reduces costs by more than 50 percent, compared to standard hands-on building inspection, and takes a fraction of the time, eliminating expensive scaffolding, drops and lifts.

T2D2 was built using deep neural networks trained on tens of thousands of annotated images. It applies computer vision technology to image analytics, allowing it to identify a wide range of material defects automatically.

And T2D2’s online portal maintains a time-stamped record of all detected conditions, enabling building owners, management and maintenance teams to monitor deterioration of buildings for early remediation and avoid costly repairs down the line.

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